I ran across a very interesting “Survey” and “Article” on “How men and women combat stress?” {}.

While the results of the survey can definitely stimulate some very interesting dialogue between men and women. What stands out the most to me is the “title” at the top of the survey. It reads: “How can you combat stress?”

Regardless of how a person has addressed their mental health in the past (whether a man or a woman), what is most important to me is how they are approaching their mental health in the “present.” Do they have a new level of commitment to their self-care? And, if not, how can they be encouraged and inspired to take responsibility for doing everything within their power to minimize negative stress in their personal and professional lives? What tools and resources can they be provided with to help them more consistently maintain balance at work and in all aspects of their daily lives?

Another big takeaway from the survey and article is how it served as a reminder of my personal journey, as a man, learning to deal with my emotions, stress or any aspect of mental health in a healthy and positive way. This was not an easy road for me given I received very little positive reinforcement in this area. My holistic approach to my personal development only occurred because I took the initiative to break through all the stereotypes and negative pressure from society and within my own family of unhealthy definitions of what it means to be a man.

So, in sharing the survey and this blog post, my hope is that it will encourage and inspire you (whether a man or a woman) to take greater responsibility for your self-care which begins with committing to a minimum of “5 Minutes a Day” of self-reflection (and writing/journaling) and then taking a proactive approach to developing and implementing a plan for minimizing stress in your personal and professional lives.

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