SEL LEADER’S GUIDE (Facilitator’s Guide) : “I Love Life ! I Love Me!”

Love is a powerful force whether it’s the ability to love yourself or to love others. Unfortunately, many of us never receive specific tools or strategies for learning how to love ourselves.


SEL LEADER’S GUIDE (Facilitator’s Guide) : “I Love Life ! I Love Me!”

It is recommended that you purchase the Workbook and Leader’s Guide in advance of completing the online training. Once you purchase the course, a Workbook and Leader’s Guide will be shipped to you. Or, upon request, you can obtain digital copies of each so that you can immediately begin taking the course.

*Also, upon completion of this Online Certification Training, you will receive a complimentary 1-Hour Feedback and Follow-Up Session 30 Days after completion of the Training.

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$129 (Paperback)
$129 (e-Book)
$ __ Audio Book (Soon to be Released)

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